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Oils and Greases for Industry

Oils and Greases for Industry

Tests and Marketing of Synthetic Oils and Greases

Oils and Greases for Industry

Tests and sales of oils and greases for industry, synthetic oils and greases, treating and analyzing turbine oils, industrial lubrication and more.
GTS and Fluitec are some of the companies that we represent, who perform meticulous analyses for the oils and greases in the industry as well as for turbines and other machinery, while analyzing systems and subsystems of the turbine’s wear and tear on the one hand and the oil’s deterioration on the other hand.

Our recommendations are warmly adopted by the leading companies in the field – Such as Alstom, GE, Siemens and others.

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Lubrication Engineers, represented by Eran Technologies.

Lubrication Engineers, an American company, develops and markets lubricants and industrial oils.
Industrial oils significantly increase the performance and reliability of the equipment and decrease the cost of maintenance and regular wear and tear. The company markets its products in 60 countries throughout the world and has been a leader in the field since 1951.

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Lubrication Engineers